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I will try to help you live a happier, healthier life

How I can help

I aim to help you gain perspective about whatever is troubling you.  Together we identify what might be stopping you from reaching your full potential and what action you need to take to improve your situation.


I cover a wide range of issues and have a special interest in:



Low self-esteem  

Low self-confidence

Relationship issues

Personality styles


What to expect

I am trained to look beyond presenting problems to possible underlying causes.  


The aim of the therapeutic process is to help you understand and accept yourself, to change your behaviour to that which is more productive for you and to help you move towards becoming the kind of person you want to be.


Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes and together we can decide how many sessions you think you might need. This can be either short term work (4-5 sessions), or longer term.

How I work

There are many different models of therapy to choose from. I work integratively as I do not believe there is one model of counselling or psychotherapy that helps everyone. Each person is an individual, and what might suit one person may not necessarily suit another.


I aim to be sensitive to the cultural and ethnic origins of individuals and to people’s religious beliefs and sexual orientation.


I operate my practice along the lines normally associated with an equal opportunities employer.

About me

I'm Liz McLaren and I have over twenty years experience in counselling and psychotherapy.  I want to help you live a healthier life.

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